Tucson's Finest!


The Connie Callahan Photo booth Co. was established back

in 2007 when Connie Callahan, a wedding photographer decided she wanted to give guests something to entertain guests while attending an event. After observing  a photo booth at one of the weddings she was shooting. She thought this is a great opportunity for her to offer to others planning for future weddings and events.


    So she started Tucson"s Finest Photo booth. What makes our booths so special compared to others, is the attention to detail!

She offers themed open air booths designed by local vendor Eastland Alley Co. that go with the theme of the wedding or event. The props are high quality props...no paper and connie provides a plethora of these props for your guests.

Even the photo strips and scrapbook are themed to go with the event. Every event is provided two professional  attendants to help disperse the props, guide guests to sign guest book and disperse photo strips as well as entertain the event guests!

Let our photo booth experience cater all your personal event, including corporate events,private parties, and weddings! Wether you are looking to market your brand or give your guests an exclusive and unforgettable experience, we are here to help!


She smells like fresh cut flowers on the dewiest of desert mornings. Born with 7 extra teeth, she can deliver the sincerest and most overwhelming smile that will turn any onlooker into stone. This is how she was dubbed the name, Ivory Medusa. Connie holds the world record for longest unbroken eye contact during a staring contest, made possible by her overactive tear ducts. Her greatest accomplishment to date has been surviving a marriage to an odiferous lummox.


Known as  mighty  beard, he has the ability to summon morsels from his very face. With the temperament of a colic infant, few are brave enough to look him in his cold dead eyes.  Survivor of the Lisa Frank regime, Callahan is long for a world without rainbow dolphins.  His barrel chest enters the room long before he does.  If you ever hear a startling “HEGH?!”, count yourself lucky to be in his presence.

Email: conniecallahan@tucsonsphtobooth.com 

                           Phone:  520-471-2628